May 1, 2024 — Akamai Zero Trust Client Mobile 1.2.1 General Availability (GA) Release

​Akamai​​Zero Trust Client​ Mobile​ 1.2.1 is now available. You can update your app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

New features and improvements

  • Threat Protection (beta). ​Zero Trust Client​ extends Secure Internet Access Enterprise (SIA) protection to mobile devices. Threat Protection scans mobile traffic, enforces SIA policies, and directs DNS traffic to SIA​ for analysis. With ​Zero Trust Client​​, you can apply ​SIA​ policies to requests that are made inside and outside the corporate network. Refer to the ​Zero Trust Client​ documentation to learn how to configure Threat Protection in your client.

Known issues

  • On iOS devices, after an extended period of inactivity (deep sleep), the mobile client may display incorrect Access status. The Access icon may appear green (indicating connectivity) even if traffic isn’t being routed to the EAA cloud. The workaround is to run the quick diagnostic and re-authenticate when prompted.
  • Honor View 20 users may encounter the following issues:
    • After a certain period of time, the mobile client may stop routing network traffic through EAA and divert it to a direct path instead.
    • VPN may refuse to connect. The workaround is to reinstall the app.
    • Threat Protection is not supported on Honor View 20.


  • EAA TCP-type client-access applications aren’t supported. For TCP-based applications, use the tunnel-type mode.
  • When addressing Device Posture remediation for signals that require attention, note that changes to your Device Posture status may not come into effect immediately. The client synchronizes Device Posture signals with EAA every 15 minutes.
  • The mobile client bypasses the multifactor authentication process when authenticating to third-party IDPs that have MFA enabled.
  • Threat Protection beta limitations:
    • You cannot activate Threat Protection with an email address.
    • Only DNS traffic is protected. SIA Proxy isn't supported.
    • DNS-over-TLS Mode (DoT) isn't supported.
    • Walled garden isn’t supported.
    • You cannot disable Threat Protection in the mobile client once it's configured.

Supported iOS versions

  • iOS 14.1 or later

Supported Android versions

  • Android 10 or later