To configure this API for the first time:

  • You need different permissions to access API functions. You can manage these permissions in ​Control Center​. Learn more about the access control model.

  • Before you can use this API, you need to Create authentication credentials.

  • To enable this API, choose the API service named Single Sign-On Configuration, and and choose READ-WRITE as the access level.

  • Ensure you have a role with IDM: Users - Admin Access assigned to your account in ​Control Center​.

  • All API operations require an entityId identifier for your account's identity provider (IdP). This value is part of your IdP metadata where the SAML authentication request is sent, and needs to match the Issuer field sent by your IdP in SAML Request. Since the SAML Entity ID is an absolute URL, make sure the entityId value is URL-encoded. Otherwise, the operation fails. This value appears in your SSO configuration as Entity ID. For access to your SSO configuration and details about your IdP metadata, see Get started with SSO with SAML.

The code examples in this API reference don't contain the required authentication code syntax you need to make API calls. To learn how to apply authentication in a variety of programming languages when using ​Akamai​ APIs, see Authenticate with EdgeGrid.


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