Sep 1, 2016 — The Fast Purge User Interface is now in Limited Availability in Control Center!

All customers will have automatic access to the new Fast Purge user interface (UI) between early September and the end of October, 2016. If it’s already available on your account, you can find it on the Publish tab in Control Center.

In addition, Event Viewer displays all Fast Purge requests and URLs submitted via the UI.

With the Fast Purge UI, you can refresh explicitly specified URLs on our edge network in approximately five seconds. This is particularly powerful for rapidly editing published content such as erroneous pricing, a factual error in a news story, or a copyright infringement.

In the near future, the Fast Purge UI will replace the legacy Content Control Utility (CCU) UI. Until then, the CCU UI will be available in parallel. Using CCU might be required if you need to: purge an entire CP Code; receive an email confirmation; or invalidate by directory or wildcard with the Enhanced Content Control Utility (ECCU).