Manage certificates in a set

Add CA certificates to a CA set

To learn about adding CA certificates to a CA set, navigate to Create a new version and add certificates section.

View a certificate in a set

To view the details of a certificate:

  1. View the CA set.
  2. Expand the CA set version and select the CA certificate you want to view. The certificate information is displayed on the right.
  3. Click Show source to view the CA certificate PEM.

Remove a certificate from a set

You can’t remove certificates from a CA set while the CA set is being activated (in flight). Certificates can be removed only after the CA set is activated on either staging, production or both, or if the activation fails.


Changes in a CA set and validation

Any change in a CA set triggers validation. Since Mutual TLS Edge Truststore can't validate an empty CA set, you can’t remove all the certificates from the CA set version.

To remove a certificate from a set:

  1. View the CA set whose certificates you want to remove.
  2. Select and expand the latest CA set version.
  3. In the Actions menu select Edit. The CA set edition window opens.
  4. To remove the certificate(s), check the one(s) you want, and click Remove selected.


You can click Review version changes to verify the undertaken action.

  1. Click Save version to apply the changes.