Dec 15, 2021‚ÄĒAkamai MFA release

New features and enhancements

  • MFA Integrations for VPN servers. The PacketFence Gateway is a software component that you can install in your environment to provide integration between various VPN servers and other network devices. The integration uses Radius LDAP or AD for primary authentication and ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč as secondary authentication.

  • SAML integration. With this standards-based SAML integration, you can connect most identity management systems with ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč to provide users with strong second-factor authentication before they can access internal applications.

  • With the latest enhancements to the Authentication events report, you can find the Device ID of the authentication device and, for failed authentication attempts, details on why the authentication was blocked.

  • The Pending changes panel lets you manage updates that were submitted to your policy configuration by you or another administrator. You can display and review the details of a particular policy configuration. You can also add comments describing pending changes, which helps you to track all deployed configuration updates.

Fixed issues

  • When enrolling your trusted device with the Microsoft Authenticator app, you may receive the 'Invalid Activation barcode' error message. This has been fixed and the enrollment process using the QR scan with the Microsoft Authenticator app works properly.

  • During authentication to a Remote Desktop server using the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč Windows plug-in, clicking on the background image would hide the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč authentication prompt. This has been fixed and the prompt is no longer hidden when the background image is clicked on.

Known issues

  • When a new user enrolls and authenticates using an email enrollment link, the Integration field of the Authentication events report is left blank.

  • If you're using the Windows Logon plug-in on Windows Server 2012 and after installing the plug-in you're not prompted for Multi-Factor Authentication on login then ensure your Windows installation has all the latest support updates and patches installed.

  • If you're using the Windows Logon plug-in on Windows Server 2012 and trying to lock or unlock your machine, you may be faced with errors.
    Workaround: Close your RDP client connection in the Remote Desktop Connection window and try connecting again.

  • An error may occur when downloading a csv of authentication events if the data set is too large; the download operation completes successfully, but the contents of the csv is truncated.
    Workaround: Limit your downloads to data sets of no more than 3000 events (event counts can be seen at the top of the authentication events page).

Supported browser versions

The following are the minimum browser versions that support the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč browser extension:

  • Firefox 87.0

  • Google Chrome 89.0.4389.90

  • Microsoft Edge 89.0.774.57

  • Safari 14.0.3

Internet Explorer is not supported.

Supported mobile devices versions

The following mobile device OS versions support the ‚ÄčAkamai MFA‚Äč mobile app:

  • iOS 13 and above (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

  • Android 7 and above (phones and tablets)

Supported Windows versions

The following Windows versions support the Windows RDP solution:

  • Clients: Windows 10
  • Servers: Windows Server versions 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019

With this release, the Windows RDP plug-in is upgraded to version If you're running an RDP plug-in version previous to, check the Windows Logon plug-in instructions to learn how to upgrade.