Set the date/time range for a report

You can filter report output to a specific date range, and in some cases to a specific time.

Click the date range field to set a range of time you want for report data. You can query a report only for the period in which data has been available for its metrics and dimensions.



Some "Realtime" reports don't let you set a date/time range. Data for these reports is typically auto-gathered at a latency of two, five or 10 minutes. Other Realtime reports may allow you to set a date and time range, but certain widgets may only report data from the last two, five or ten minute period. See the specific report's "tab" topic for more details.

  1. Manually select dates in the calendars for your Start date and End date range. (Some reports offer Pre-Defined ranges you can select to automatically apply to the calendar.)

  2. If applicable, set a Start Time and End Time, as well as a Timezone. (Timezone defaults to your local one.)

  3. Click Apply.

If setting a time, consider the timezone

Various reports dashboards also let you refine report data by time and timezone. This defaults to the timezone associated with the active ​Akamai Control Center​ account.



Certain time zones may not work with some report's tabs (for example, the various "Traffic" and "Unique Viewers" reports). This is because report data is collected on an hourly basis using the UTC time zone.