Mail report data

Some reports allow you to email output data as an HTML or a CSV file.


Not all reports can email data. (Typically, reports that present "realtime" data don't offer this feature.)

Set up a new report

  1. Set the desired range of time.

  2. Set the desired filters.

  3. Click Email Report (IMAGE_STUB).

  4. Click Create Report and set options as necessary:

  • Report Name. Input a desired name for the report. This is how it's listed in the table after creation.

  • Report. Defaults to Current Page. (This is currently the only method available.)

  • Format. Select the desired format for the report, HTML or Comma-separated values (CSV ).

  • Email to. The email associated with the current ​Akamai Control Center​ account is added by default. Input a full email addresses and press Enter to add it. Repeat to add more addresses.

  • Frequency. Determine a frequency for the email. Leave it at the default, Send Now to only send it once.


If you've set up a recurring report and you set the filters to include allCP codes, the report does not automatically include new CP codes that are added after the report is set up. (You need to edit an existing report to add new CP codes.)

  • Date range. You can set the range here, but we recommend doing it beforehand (Step 1). This way, you can verify the report data before sending the email.

  • Filters. This displays the current number of filters applied. You can click the link to modify the filters if desired.

Other operations


You can edit (IMAGE_STUB) or delete (IMAGE_STUB) an existing report from the table. You can also take ownership of a report (IMAGE_STUB > Take Ownership ) that another user created to administer it, and you can suspend (IMAGE_STUB > Suspend ) a recurring report to stop it from generating additional emails in the future.