Jun 12, 2018 — New Media Delivery Reports UI

See details below regarding the new UI.

What's New

  • Direct access to each delivery product report from the Mega Menu
  • Tab-based navigation that allows for easy switching between report categories
  • Highly intuitive data classification (Traffic, Performance, Availability, URLs, Unique Viewers)
  • New Filter bar for improved visibility of applied filters


  • Real-time data, based on sampled data sets and indicative of total traffic, is now available for Adaptive Media Delivery and Download Delivery at a latency of 15 minutes
  • Email Reports can be downloaded in the CSV format. Individual CSV files are available for each configured widget
  • Zoom In/Out functionality for detailed analysis of a selected time period

UI enhancements

  • Increased widget height to show more data
  • Pagination available to view complete widget data
  • Enhanced analyze data view
  • CP code description is shown with the name for better identification.
  • New metrics included:
    • Origin Hits/sec
    • Edge Hits/sec
    • Midgress Hits/sec
    • Midgress Bandwidth
    • NetStorage Bandwidth
  • The format for downloaded CSV has changed as follows:
    • Data formatted in GMT instead of epoch.
    • Aggregation is available in seconds.


  • Change in the following metric names:
    • Origin Hits/Volume are now Customer Origin Hits/Volume.
    • Ingress metrics which include data for both NetStorage Origin and other origins are now Origin metrics.

Known Issues

Email reports must be reconfigured in the new UI as 1:1 migration of existing reports is not available.