To run this API, you need to familiarize yourself with the following concepts that the API represents in its URL resources and exchanges as data:

  • Archives: An archive is a live encoding session that Akamai stores for up to 31 days. Sessions run from the time at which the encoder starts publishing an event until an end signal specified by HLS or DASH-IF standards. For example, an EXT-X-ENDLIST tag may signal the end of an event in a media playlist.

  • Endpoints: An endpoint represents the URL path of any object ingested in Akamai for a specific stream. They have a near one-to-one correspondence to the way the encoder publishes objects of a stream into Akamai.

  • VOD Asset: A physical on demand video asset that you generate from a live archive and store in Akamai NetStorage. We also refer to this as Live-to-VOD Export.


While this documentation lists the API's URLs as endpoints, the API itself allows access to resources of the same name. These endpoints refer to URL server paths that contain media file assets.

These examples show the endpoints for different objects.