May 15, 2024 — AVIF and HEIF image formats update to SharpYUV Chroma Subsampling

We're excited to announce an enhancement to the AVIF and HEIF image formats! As of our latest update, AVIF and HEIF now utilize the SharpYUV version of Chroma Subsampling, offering improved color representation and compression efficiency.
SharpYUV Chroma Subsampling optimizes color information retention while effectively reducing data size, ensuring enhanced image quality and smaller file sizes. This update brings a refined visual experience to AVIF and HEIF images across various applications and platforms. It also means that AVIF and HEIF derivatives have higher fidelity to the original image.
Experience the benefits of sharper, more vibrant images with the latest version of AVIF and HEIF! This enhanced color fidelity and efficiency of SharpYUV Chroma Subsampling is available to all customers of Image and Video Manager by default!