June 4, 2024 — Convert Animated GIF to MP4, and IVM Dashboard and Reporting Updates

Convert Animated GIF to MP4

We are pleased to introduce a new feature that enhances your media experience by converting animated GIFs to MP4 format on the fly. This functionality brings several benefits, including reduced file size and improved compatibility with different devices and platforms.

Key features:

  • Seamless conversion: you can convert animated GIFs to MP4 with a simple and intuitive process. See Convert animated GIF to MP4 to learn more.
  • Quality preservation: the original quality of your animated GIFs is preserved during the conversion process.
  • Reduced file size: MP4 files are typically smaller than GIFs, saving storage space and making them easier to share.
  • Wide compatibility: MP4 is a widely supported format for various devices and platforms, so your media can be viewed almost anywhere.

This new feature improves performance through smoother playback and reduced lag. It improves sharing capabilities on social media platforms that favor MP4 over GIF and helps with storage efficiency by creating smaller file sizes. In addition, MP4 files are versatile and ideal for presentations, video editing, and much more.

IVM Dashboard and Reporting Updates

We have released a new version of the Reporting API for IVM reporting that is more flexible and helps to get more granular data. Now you can get the same level of data available in IVM Dashboards via APIs.

We have also the support for video reporting data along with images. You can find more details in the New Reporting API documentation.

Also, we have made some changes to more effectively display the quality of the images in the IVM dashboard created with Image Manager.

Reporting API versions comparison

Below is a brief comparison between the existing Reporting API and the new Reporting API v2:

Current IVM Reporting API

  • Provides specialized reports.
  • Uses predefined metrics.
  • Supports limited dimensions (browser, image type, width).
  • Does not support video.

New IVM Reporting API (using the new Reporting API v2)

  • Makes all metrics and dimensions available from IVM data sources.
  • Provides open reports that allow custom queries.
  • Contains data on videos.

Benefits of the new Reporting API v2:

  • Multidimensional grouping
  • Selection of metrics for retrieval
  • Asynchronous calls and pagination
  • Extended filtering capabilities
  • Flexible date ranges