Dec 19, 2022 — Image & Video Manager updates

Recent updates include performance and stability improvements, changes to dashboard CP code filtering, and improved accuracy of the Total byte reduction metric card.

Dashboard and UI changes

  • CP code filtering: When filtering results on the dashboard, the list of CP codes (derivative) now reflects only CP codes related to IVM rather than the complete list of CP codes associated with your account. This change was implemented to declutter the CP code list, improve ease of use, and improve performance.
  • Total byte reduction accuracy: Minor changes were made to improve the accuracy of the total byte reduction metric card on the Video tab. Partially downloaded videos are now taken into account in the calculation.
  • Visibility of IVM demo site: A link to the Image and Video Manager demo site has been added to the Image Analysis Report.

Performance improvements

  • Backend changes were made to improve the stability and performance of the IVM infrastructure.
  • Backend queries were optimized to improve the performance (load time) of the dashboard.