Sep 8, 2020 — New Ion rule sets for new properties

The latest Property Manager update includes six new rule sets for Ion Premier. These now appear by default when you configure a new property.

These new rule sets encompass 63 configuration changes, compared to the previous default settings. We've added them to help you quickly optimize performance with ​Akamai​-recommended settings. The rule sets are organized in a clean structure, making it easier to understand and maintain your properties’ behaviors. These new default rules help you efficiently onboard new properties and leverage best practices for modern websites, apps, and APIs.

The rulesets include:

  • Augment insights. These settings help with monitoring and reporting the delivery of your website or app.

  • Accelerate delivery. These are settings that help improve object delivery performance.

  • Offload origin. These settings help with caching content at the ​Akamai​ edge and in a user's browser.

  • Strengthen security. Settings that minimize the information your website shares with clients and malicious entities to reduce your exposure to threats.

  • Increase availability. These settings help with responses to end users when your origin or third parties are slow or when they're down. This is to help minimize the negative impact on user experience.

  • Minimize payload. These settings help reduce the size of the delivered content and decrease the number of bytes sent by your properties.

Have a look at Define property configuration settings for a better understanding of how they apply in a new Ion property.

Use the legacy property configuration settings

If you want to configure your properties with the previous default settings, access the classic settings via the Add Rule button while configuring a property. These classic rule sets include:

  • Default (classic). Includes the legacy (prior to 2020) default configuration settings.

  • Offload (classic). Includes the legacy (prior to 2020) offload configuration settings.

  • Performance (classic). Includes the legacy (prior to 2020) offload configuration settings.