Nov 16, 2020 — s-maxage support

The s-maxage directive is now available to all Ion customers as part of the Caching behavior in Property Manager.

S-maxage is a cache-control directive defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It makes it easier to configure caching across shared caches in a single setting. For organizations that use multiple CDNs, this new capability significantly simplifies cache management.

This is an opt-in feature that enables you to define how long content should be cached starting from the time content is requested by configuring Time To Live (TTL) once across ​Akamai​ and any other CDNs and intermediary caches.

The Caching behavior has a new option called Enhanced RFC support, which lets you honor the s-maxage directive, and other RFC-supported directives, in Cache-Control response headers from the origin.