May 26, 2022 — Planned maintenance

The Akamai Identity Cloud (AIC) service will undergo a maintenance update on 26 MAY 2022 starting at 17:00 UTC and lasting for ~4 hours. The service will remain operational during this period with no disruptions expected for any AIC service.

  • When: 26 MAY 2022, 17:00 UTC
  • What: The Social Authentication service will undergo a minor maintenance change to remove legacy dashboard analytics.
  • Component Area(s)*: Social Authentication
  • Duration/Impact: The service will remain operational during this period, however, the Legacy Engage Dashboard will stop showing Social Authentication Analytics going forward. This is in conjunction with the previous statements regarding the Legacy Dashboard and the plans to remove analytics.

Advanced release notification

On June 9th, 2022, Amazon is forcing a minor DB upgrade to all customers. For the Identity Cloud, this will result in upgrades taking place for Webhooks v3, Customer Insights, and Registration. Each one of these databases will need to have two minor upgrades, one after the other. This will result in two 1 minute offline periods (downtime) during the overall hour window for the maintenance event.

For Webhooks, all events will queue up and be served immediately following the downtime. There will be no impact to event dispatch; however, any customer attempting to configure a webhook during this time may see an error and if so, will need to retry their action.

For Customer Insights, events will queue up and be delivered immediately following the downtime. Given that the reports are cached, customers will not see any noticeable impact during this upgrade.

For Registration, authentication and registration will both be offline during the downtime which end users may notice. These upgrades will happen during low traffic times so the impact will be as small as possible. Any end user that sees an error will need to retry their action depending on what it was.

The upgrades will be performed on June 9th as follows (all times are UTC):

RegionLow traffic windowUpgrade time
EU00:00 to 06:0000:00
Canada04:00 to 11:0008:00
US08:00 to 11:0009:00
Brazil02:00 to 10:0010:00
Australia13:00 to 20:0014:00
Singapore15:00 to 20:0015:00
China17:00 to 22:0017:00
Japan17:00 to 22:0017:00

* Component Area(s). The Identity Cloud API documentation for each Component Area and Associated Service can be found in the article Release categories and endpoints.

If you experience a service issue during or shortly after this planned change please contact AkaTec.