Feb 16, 2023 — Identity Cloud planned maintenance

The Akamai Identity Cloud (AIC) service will undergo a maintenance update on 16 FEBRUARY 2023 starting at 17:00 UTC and lasting for ~4 hours. The updates will be made in all Identity Cloud regions. The service will remain operational during this period with no disruptions expected for any AIC service.

Identity Session Service Deployment Testing

  • When: 16 FEBRUARY 2023, 17:00 UTC
  • What: This week’s release is intended to test the deployment steps for the new Session Management service. Future releases will expose the session management capabilities to our customers.
  • Component Area(s): Hosted Login
  • Duration/Impact: The service will remain operational during this period without any expected impact.

Component Area(s) - The Identity Cloud API documentation for each Component Area and Associated Service can be found on the Release categories and endpoints page.

SSL certificates for Akamai Identity Cloud

All public facing Akamai Identity Cloud endpoints are protected with HTTPS using newer versions of TLS. AIC’s vendors are currently updating infrastructure and the Certificate Authority may change at any time without notice. Those customers who manage their Certificate Authority set on their own, should consider setting up Akamai ION to manage SSL certificates, if they own the product, or switching back to traditional management so they do not incur downtime when a Certificate Authority changes.

If you experience a service issue during or shortly after this planned change please contact AkaTec.