Dec 16, 2021 - Hosted Login and Custom Provider updates

The Akamai Identity Cloud (AIC) service will undergo a maintenance update on 16 DECEMBER 2021 starting at 17:00 UTC. The service will remain operational during this period with no disruptions expected for any AIC service.

  • When: 16 DECEMBER 2021, 17:00 UTC
  • What: The Hosted Login Service will be updated to resolve a defect in page rendering when multiple ui_locales are sent to the profile page. In addition, the Customer Configuration Service will undergo a number of maintenance changes for cleanup, version updates, and minor changes including the addition of "sid" to the invalid claims list for login policies and some improved certificate validation when creating a SAML2 custom provider.
  • Component Area(s): Hosted Login, Custom Providers
  • Duration/Impact: During the 4 hour maintenance window, requests will be serviced normally, no anticipated or planned downtime.


The Identity Cloud API documentation for each Component Area and Associated Service can be found in the document Release categories and endpoints.

If you experience a service issue during or shortly after this planned change please contact AkaTec at the numbers listed here: