Nov 18, 2019 — GTM updates

This release includes these new features and enhancements.

  • Liveness tests with many headers. You can define multiple HTTP headers for any HTTP(S) liveness test configuration using the API and user interface.
  • Disable liveness tests. You can use the API or a checkbox in the user interface to disable a liveness test, which directs the GTM service to cease running the test and effectively treat the test as no longer existing.
  • Static property types. You can use the API to configure static answers, such as an A record value for GTM properties, to deliver static record responses.
  • Apex properties. You can configure properties at the apex record of a domain, which eliminates the need to create a subdomain of a GTM domain with only one property. The API and user interface display the apex record with an @ symbol.
  • Terraform Provider. You can use Terraform Provider to minimize the activity required to manage and configure GTM domains and properties.