Jun 30, 2020 — GTM updates

This release includes the following new features and enhancements.

  • Additional HTTP methods for liveness tests. Additional methods for HTTP(S) liveness tests including DELETE, OPTIONS, PATCH, POST, PUT, and TRACE.
  • Domain history API. Developer API to GET a domain’s history of changes.
  • Backup CNAMEs for IP version selector properties. IP version selector properties can contain matching backup CNAMEs. TTL for China CDN global redirection capabilities defaults to 3600s. The China CDN’s global redirection capability defaults to 3600s to minimize lookup transactions.
  • Property limit display. The application UI conveniently displays a domain’s current property limit.
  • Property TTL defaults handling. The application UI better manages TTL values.
  • Liveness test default timeout is 10s. Default liveness test default timeout is 10s.
  • Standard info icons. Standardize information icons throughout the application user interface.
  • Reporting improvements.
    • GTM - Property Report. 90 days of history, reduced latency for the traffic data, liveness graphs have increased granularity with a percent availability for the reporting period and visual alignment for graphs vertically.
    • GTM - Error Report. Predefined dates updated to reflect API availability.
  • Prometheus.io exporter. Exporter library to publish metrics to Prometheus.io.
  • Grafana plug-in. Plug-in to enable a data source for Grafana.