July 31, 2023 — GTM updates

This Global Traffic Management release includes the following new features.

  • Ranked Failover. With this new property type, GTM can order the precedence of many backup targets. GTM assigns traffic to the live datacenters with the highest precedence. Within each Ranked Failover property, the target with the highest precedence is labeled the Primary Traffic Target. Any additional targets in the property are listed in the property’s Traffic Distribution Targets page by their order of precedence. When a Primary Traffic Target isn't available, the traffic is directed to other available targets in their order of precedence. If there are two or more live datacenters with the same highest precedence, traffic is split randomly and evenly among them. See Ranked Failover in Property type descriptions.

  • Reporting and analytics. The GTM Property report now includes a heat map of query source locations by geographic region.