Jan 31, 2019 — Global Traffic Management is General Availability

Global Traffic Management (GTM) is designed to enable Internet users to access their websites or any other IP application quickly and reliably. GTM applies an Internet-centric approach to global load balancing to provide high-site availability and responsiveness to online user requests. Unlike traditional hardware-based solutions that reside within the data center, Akamai's GTM service is a fault-tolerant solution that makes intelligent routing decisions based on real-time data center performance health and global Internet conditions to route online user requests to the most appropriate data center using an optimized Internet route for that user at that moment. Additional capabilities include these.

  • Battle tested. Routes and manages traffic for some of the world’s largest distributed user audiences.
  • Massive scale. Provides the scale to absorb the largest DDoS attacks targeting the DNS infrastructure.
  • Roles and permissions. Provides configuration access controls to limit who can view and edit configurations.
  • Total Solution. Provides capabilities such as ASN, CIDR and geographic mapping, IP version selection, load feedback, mirror failover, weighted random distribution, and policy chaining.