Nov 15, 2023 — SIA DNS protection in China now in beta

Your organization can now use ​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ to resolve DNS traffic in mainland China. With this feature, ​SIA​ servers in China resolve DNS traffic. This eliminates latency that your organization may experience when it uses DNS resolvers that are located outside of China. This feature requires that a tenant administrator deploy a security connector as a DNS Forwarder. DNS Forwarder uses DNS over TLS (DoT) to securely communicate with ​SIA​ in China.

To implement this feature:

  1. You must create a tenant for China and then turn on the Enable DNS Protection in China setting in the tenant. This setting is on the Connection Info page of the tenant.
  2. You or a tenant administrator must deploy a security connector as a DNS Forwarder.

For more information, see Enable DNS Protection in China.


This feature is currently in beta. To participate in the beta, contact your ​Akamai​ representative.