Dec 1, 2022 — ETP Client 4.4.0 for Windows now available

​ETP Client​ 4.4.0 for Windows is now available for download or upgrade. This update includes:

  • Additional Support for Multiple Users on the Same Device. Version 4.4.0 on Windows provides additional support when multiple users share the same device. For example, when ​ETP Client​ is on a device that’s used as a kiosk. After a new user accesses the device, there may be a short period of time where ​ETP Client​ has not yet synchronized with the identity provider to identify the user and grant access. Version 4.4.0 offers login and logout buttons on the ​ETP Client​. This allows the previous user to log out and the new user to log in. A user enters Login Portal credentials to access the network resources you’ve permitted through the identity provider and the ​SIA​ policy configuration. To enable this feature, contact your ​Akamai​ representative.

  • Windows 10 32-bit Support for Transparent Traffic Interception. Version 4.4.0 now supports Windows 10 32-bit for Transparent Traffic Interception.

In Enterprise Center, these settings are also available:

  • Avoid Local DNS Resolver. New policy setting that requires ​ETP Client​ to query the local DNS resolver only for the domains that are configured on the Local Bypass Settings page. All other traffic is directed to ​SIA​ instead of the local resolver.

  • Disable with Admin Approval. ​ETP Client​ configuration setting that requires users enter an entitlement code to disable ​ETP Client​. You or another administrator must securely provide this code to users. This setting is available only if you enable Allow Users to Disable ​ETP Client​.

  • Windows Apps for Local Bypass Settings. If you're using transparent traffic interception for ​​ETP Client​, you can identify the Windows applications that have traffic you don’t want directed to the client. This setting is available in the Local Bypass Settings (Clients & Connectors > Local Bypass Settings).