Oct 13, 2020 — Compute and orchestration capabilities

  • Response Orchestration - With the introduction of Response Orchestration, EdgeWorkers now supports the ability to read and modify response bodies. This capability lets EdgeWorkers developers make Edge decisions, build content, and optionally cache response output.
  • External requests - External requests are supported via the responseProvider event handler. EdgeWorkers developers can now fetch resources from other external origins and add them directly or indirectly into the main response body.
  • Reports - We’ve added Reports to the EdgeWorkers Management application to provide insight about the performance and execution status of your EdgeWorkers.
  • Fast Activation - EdgeWorkers supports Fast Activation to decrease the EdgeWorkers code bundle activation times.
  • Expanded Product Delivery support - The following media products are now supported as EdgeWorkers delivery products: Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery, Object Delivery, and API Acceleration.
  • Enhanced debug headers - To protect sensitive content, EdgeWorkers now require an authorization token in an additional second header to retrieve detailed debug information.
  • Increased resource limit - We’ve increased the memory, CPU time, and wall time compute resources limits.