Oct 18, 2019 — Enhanced secure network expansion

We’re excited to announce the expansion of EdgeWorkers to Akamai’s enhanced secure network. You can now run edge functions everywhere on the network. Other notable changes include our new EdgeWorkers Management application and the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Note: If you have EdgeWorkers functions deployed under the Tech Preview, there are changes below which will require a code update. Future releases will not force immediate code changes.


  • You can now perform the administrative tasks required to execute EdgeWorkers functions with the EdgeWorkers Management application user interface (UI).
  • The EdgeWorkers CLI is now available to help automate and simplify your workflow.
  • Trace response headers are now available to debug code on the network.
  • The Cookies and URLSearchParams modules are available to access and modify query parameters.
  • JavaScript modules can now be combined in the main.js file, allowing you to include useful libraries or align code to different teams.


  • The main.js file is now a module, enabled in strict mode by default. The four event functions now require the “export” keyword.
  • The Request and Response Object methods have been removed from the new Cookies module.
  • The Response constructor has been removed.
  • The userLocation object now includes zipcode and city.
  • onOriginRequest() and onClientResponse() cannot be used to create responses.
  • When creating a deny response, you can provide the reason using the Reason ID.
  • EdgeWorkers is now enabled across Akamai’s enhanced secure network. You no longer need the custom map to limit your traffic to a specific edge machine.