Apr 2, 2020 — Improved cached delivery and offload

This next release of EdgeWorkers uniquely combines the power of Serverless functions and the Akamai Edge; the April release adds powerful features to improve cached delivery and offload, as well as other features to ensure fast and accurate coding from design to production.

New CDN Integration

  • Change URL and Origin Support. You can now modify both the path and query arguments for a request, and determine which origin the request should be directed to. Combined, these features provide unique opportunities to change the user experience including: device personalization without redirects, image optimization for device and browser, origin load balancing, A/B testing using cached content, and controlled rollout of new applications.

    For more details see the route() section.

  • Control Cache Keys. To optimize cached delivery, you can now programmatically define cache keys. Cache keys are used to determine unique cached content; typically a combination of the URL, query arguments, cookies, headers, or custom variables. Optimizing keys ensures the correct cached content is delivered, and improves offload and performance. A simple example is removing specific query arguments from the cache keys, so that random debug values don’t bust caching in production. Another example is modifying the key to leverage A/B testing cookies, ensuring A or B variant of cached content is delivered for the same URL.

    For more details see the CacheKey Object documentation.

Improvements to the Developer Workflow

  • TypeScript Bindings. We’ve published TypeScript bindings to the EdgeWorkers JavaScript API. TypeScript provides useful IDE integrations for faster and more accurate coding, preventing bugs found late in the release cycle.

  • Failover Integration. The new failover integration enables you to provide an alternative action when an EdgeWorkers function fails (for whatever reason). You can specify content to be served in place of the error status code as a redirect or new request (even to another origin).

    See the Configure Site Failover for more details.

  • Sandbox Integration. To help developers deploy and test code changes with Akamai-in-the-middle, without impacting other teams, Akamai Sandbox integration enables fast testing.

    For more details see Sandbox CLI.


  • Timeout Issues: We’ve modified the timeouts to avoid failures on first use due to code bundles taking too long to download and compile