Nov 18, 2019 — Edge DNS updates

This Edge DNS release includes the following new features.

  • Force zone deletes. You have the option to force zone deletions in cases when safety checks previously prevented it. The user interface alerts you to the risks of the deletion and requires your confirmation before the zone is deleted.
  • View zone transfer status from zone list. The Zone list page on ​Akamai Control Center​ includes colored icons that display the status of many zone transfers in a single view: green SUCCESS symbol indicates a successful zone transfer, orange WARNING symbol indicates that one or more zone transfers have issues, red FAILURE symbol indicates a zone transfer failure, blue PENDING symbol indicates that the zone transfer status is pending. Click the icons to view additional status details for each zone.
  • Terraform Provider. You can use ​Akamai​ Terraform Provider to minimize the activity required to manage and configure Edge DNS zones and record sets, especially in organizations that use multiple authoritative DNS providers.