Jun 30, 2021 — Edge DNS updates

This Edge DNS release includes the following new features and deprecation.

New features

  • Cross-account permissions. Cross-account permissions allow a parent zone owner and account to grant permission for another account to create subzones.
  • View secondary zones. View secondary zone files from the application UI.
  • Zone transfer status improvements. Status message improvements.
  • Large zone list performance improvements. Faster zone load time for large zone lists.
  • Standard information icons. Standardize information icons throughout the application UI.
  • Apex zone sorting. Simplify the task of filtering apex zones from the zone list.
  • Registrar coordinator. Standard library to synchronize registrar primary zones with Edge DNS secondary zones.
  • Prometheus.io exporter. Exporter library to publish metrics to Prometheus.io.
  • Grafana plug-in. Plug-in to enable a data source for Grafana.
  • StackExchange DNS Control provider. Provider for StackExchange DNSControl.
  • Kubernetes ExternalDNS provider. Provider for Kubernetes ExternalDNS.
  • cert-manager provider. Provider for X.509 certificate management for Kubernetes.
  • CLI master file support. Create, read, and update zone files using ​Akamai​ CLI for Edge DNS.

Feature deprecation

Fast DNS Record Management API v1. ​Akamai​ will stop supporting the Fast DNS Record Management API v1 after June 30, 2022.