Jan 31, 2019 — Edge DNS is general availability

Edge DNS is a cloud-based authoritative DNS solution that augments or replaces a customer’s existing DNS infrastructure. Edge DNS improves DNS resolution times, especially for websites on an ​Akamai​ delivery product, and has the scale to absorb the largest DDoS attacks targeting the DNS infrastructure. Additional unique capabilities include:

  • Tenant distribution. No two Edge DNS customers share the same name server (NS) delegation set. This protects all customers when one customer experiences a massive DNS DDoS attack against the shared infrastructure.
  • Roles and permissions. Edge DNS has configuration access controls to limit who can view and edit configurations.
  • Total solution. With capabilities such as automatic IP throttling, IPv6 support, log delivery, reporting, primary and secondary DNS, SLAs, vanity name servers, alias zones, zone apex mapping, RESTful API, and optional DNSSEC support, Edge DNS provides exceptional capabilities.