Nov 12, 2020 Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) Support for EAA Client

Apple has announced the general availability of macOS Big Sur (version 11.0) across its platforms starting November 12, 2020.

​Akamai​ has been working closely in the Apple Developer Network to validate the EAA Client with various Apple Developer builds. As a result, the EAA Client 2.1.2 will install in macOS Big Sur-based environments. However, full qualification is only possible once the production release of macOS Big Sur is made available.

Following Apple’s announcement today, ​Akamai​ will undertake a final round of testing on macOS Big Sur to ensure that EAA Client 2.1.2 is fully qualified. Once the testing is complete, ​Akamai​ will update appropriate EAA Client release notes to reflect this.

EAA Client versions below 2.1.2 will not support Big Sur. Customers using EAA Client who wish to run macOS Big Sur must upgrade to corresponding supported EAA Client versions when they have been fully qualified.

See macOS Big Sur for more information.