Jan 22, 2021 — EAA Client updates

EAA Client 2.3.0 new patch release.

EAA Client versions

  • EAA Client for Windows: version 2.3.1
  • EAA Client for macOS: version 2.3.0

​Akamai​ EAA Client 2.3.0 new features

Big Sur support. This version of EAA Client fully supports Big Sur (MacOS 11.0) on Intel-based processors.

Known limitations

Customers using this EAA Client patch release on the macOS platform will see empty values for Process Name and Process Path fields in Client Details Preset Report (EAA Management portal > Reports > Activity > Preset Reports, Select Report > Client Detail) and Discovered Apps User Report (EAA Management portal > Clients > Discovered Apps, Provide a date range, select any App, click Users). If you are using device posture, the remediation message may not have the Process Name for client-access apps.

Bug fixes for EAA Client

  • Device Posture supports Carbon Black Sensor 3.5.1 version.

  • Device Posture supports the Crowdstrike Falcon sensor v6.14 version.

  • When you open EAA Client, the complete OS name is shown for macOS Big Sur. Earlier it was just macOS.

  • When there are many TCP-type or IP-based client-access applications using the same Identity provider, Run Diagnostics results were not meaningful. It has been fixed.

  • DNS SRV records are supported on macOS.

  • Resolved issues with SRV records on Windows for Enterprise DNS.

  • Bogus EAA Client notifications have been suppressed.