Nov 11, 2020 — Reports for Enhanced Proxy Detection (EPD) with GeoGuard

The Media Delivery Reports component in ​Akamai Control Center​ now offers the Proxy Protection tab in Historical reports.

Use it to monitor how often EPD was applied to requests that were routed through a proxy. We’ve worked with our partner, GeoComply to establish several “categories” of proxy for this detection, via their GeoGuard product. This includes “Anonymous VPN,” “TOR Exit Nodes,” and more. The reports show you how often a selected action (allow, deny, or redirect) was applied, either for all proxy requests or per individual, GeoGuard proxy category. The reports also show proxy-related request data per individual CP code, so you can review results data per individual property configuration. You can also filter data based on traffic specifics, including secure delivery, non-secure delivery, live content, video on demand content, HLS, and DASH formats. See the Media Delivery Reports user documentation for more details.