You can use Akamai tools to build site logic, develop edge compute solutions, secure apps and APIs, and solve a variety of technology challenges. In this guide you'll get acquainted with tools and resources you can use to start integrating Akamai solutions.

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  • **Code**. Create code that controls the logic of how edge servers handle requests, objects, and responses for your website and applications. Learn how to [set up property snippets](🔗) for content delivery or [create a custom rule](🔗) for application security.

  • **Build**. Develop edge computing solutions with [EdgeWorkers](🔗) and improve your application performance by implementing [API Acceleration](🔗).

  • **Test**. Use [Sandbox](🔗) to test site changes locally and mitigate issues before deploying, and [Test Center](🔗) for functional and comparative testing of property versions.

  • **Release**. Roll out your Akamai configuration changes with automation tools and create an [Akamai pipeline](🔗).

  • **Automate**. Automate infrastructure as code with the Akamai [Terraform](🔗) Provider. Use [APIs](🔗) to automate your workflows.

  • **Monitor**. Access and use Akamai data, such as log files and events, to monitor and continuously improve your website and application performance. Use Akamai solutions, such as [DataStream](🔗) for traffic analysis and monitoring CDN health, [mPulse](🔗) for real-user monitoring, [SIEM Integration](🔗) to monitor security threats, and [Unified Log Streamer](🔗) to simplify SIEM integrations. These tools can help you with your DevOps and DevSecOps strategies, so you can take action based on data.

## Third-party tools

  • Learn how to use [Postman](🔗) to manage Akamai APIs.

  • Update content handling rules for your property with [Visual Studio Code](🔗) or [Eclipse](🔗).

## Recommended resources

  • Subscribe to the [Akamai Developer YouTube channel](🔗) for video tutorials.

  • Check out the [Akamai Developer blogs](🔗).

  • Interact with [Akamai APIs](🔗).

  • Access the [Akamai CLIs on GitHub](🔗).

  • Engage with other developers in the [Akamai Developer Discussion Forum](🔗).