Welcome to Aura Licensed Products

Aura Licensed CDN (LCDN) is a highly-scalable, multi-purpose CDN for network operators. With Aura LCDN you can deliver high-quality, low-latency viewing experiences for both live and on-demand video content.

The Aura Licensed Multicast Solution (LMS) is an extension of the Aura LCDN that uses IP Multicast technology to deliver the same Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) video content to multiple viewers simultaneously, similar to traditional broadcast methodology.


Aura products and user guides require an end-user license that you can obtain by contacting your Akamai account team.

About Aura LCDN

Aura LCDN runs on commercial, off-the-shelf hardware or in a virtualized infrastructure, letting you allocate delivery resources where and when you need them.

Aura LCDN uses:

  • a common HTTP caching infrastructure to let you efficiently deliver all types of content.
  • a combination of unicast and multicast-assisted channels to create additional network efficiency, higher overall quality, and reliability.

About Aura LMS

LMS offers significant network efficiency, when compared to unicast streaming, for high audience events such as live sports or season premiers of television series. It's designed for events where large numbers of viewers are simultaneously watching the same programming channel.

LMS requires the access network to be multicast-enabled and works in conjunction with LCDN. When enabled, LMS seamlessly switches between unicast and multicast delivery without affecting your users' viewing experience.

Aura APIs

You can use these APIs with Aura LCDN and LMS:

APIDescriptionAura LCDNAura LMS
Content Control APIPurge content cached on an Aura LCDN.
Content Delivery APIConfigure content for ingestion, caching, and delivery by an Aura LCDN.
Deployment APIDeploy and manage service instances of the LCDN product on the Aura platform.
Infrastructure APIConfigure the compute layer for LCDN and LMS applications on the Aura platform.
Log Streaming APIConfigure a flexible log collection utility that streams logs to external Kafka destinations in near real time.
Mapping APIManage mapping configuration objects for the LCDN product on the Aura platform.
Network Policy APIBlock IP addresses within a specified IP CIDR block from accessing LCDN nodes for a period of time.
Secret Management APIConfigure integration with an external TLS secret store.
Services APIManage and configure LCDN services on the Aura platform.