Jan 11, 2024 – Client Hints support

Client Hints is an effort by Google to replace the legacy User-Agent HTTP header. Rather than sending all information regarding the client in a single source, the host the client is accessing needs to request individual "client hints" information from the client's user agent (a browser).

The User-Agent HTTP header carries information from a requesting client. Websites and media have long been using its data to customize the experience for the individual end user. Regrettably, it can carry too much information, potentially affecting client privacy.

Our Client Hints support encompasses two new behaviors for use with Adaptive Media Delivery. Request Client Hints lets you request specific client hints data for the host, and Permissions-Policy lets you delegate access to the same data to <iframe> documents that are accessible to the host.

For more information, check out the Client Hints topic.


Client Hints are currently only supported for use with Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.