Nov 8, 2019 — Origin failover and Mixed Mode

AMD offers these two new features with this release, as well as an enhancement to the prefetching feature.

Origin Failover for AMD

You can configure an Origin Failure Recovery Policy for AMD to recognize certain errors and connection timeout situations as failure scenarios. You then configure associated Origin Failure Recovery Methods to address the different failure scenarios. A recovery method can either redirect a failed request to a backup origin or return a custom HTTP status code to the end-user. See Add AMD origin failover for more information.

Mixed Mode Configuration for AMD

You can apply the various use case-based behaviors, Client Characteristics, Content Characteristics, Origin Characteristics, and Segmented Media Delivery Mode, outside the default rule in an AMD property. This way, you can define different match criteria for different instances of these behaviors, to optimize delivery for unique use cases. See Use Mixed Mode with AMD for complete details.

Support for Origin-assist Prefetching for Azure URLs

We've incorporated metadata changes to support Azure URLs for HLS and DASH format media. Currently, CMAF format manifests and manifests that have KEY frames aren't supported. A DOS doesn't occur for these formats, they're just not supported. Content is still fetched, just not in prefetch mode.