Apr 11, 2024 — Akamai Zero Trust Client 6.0.1 Limited Availability Release

​Akamai​​ ​​Zero Trust Client​​ 6.0.1 is now in limited availability. Eligible customers can go to ​Akamai​ Control Center > Enterprise Center > Client & Connectors > ​Akamai​ ​Zero Trust Client​ to deploy the upgrade. If version 6.0.1 isn’t available to you and you’d like to upgrade, contact your ​Akamai​ representative.
To learn more about the ​​Akamai​​ ​​Zero Trust Client​​ rollout process, refer to the rollout documentation.

Fixed issues

​Akamai​ ​Zero Trust Client​ 6.0.1 addresses these issues:

  • Fixed ​Zero Trust Client​ version reporting on macOS
  • ​Zero Trust Client​ no longer generates excessive alerts in the Windows Event Viewer