Give the edit access to a locked test suite

Locked test suites can be edited only by its editors and owners. Learn how to grant the edit access to users and how to accept or reject their request for the edit access.

Before you begin

You need to have a locked test suite created and you must be its owner. To learn how, see Create a test suite.

To give the edit access:

  1. Open a locked test suite.
  2. In its Details section, click .
  3. To give the edit access to a user or a group of users, from the Give edit access to menu, select one of the following options and click +.
    • Users of this account. This option provides the edit access to all users of the account to which you're logged in within your organization.
    • My Akamai account team. This option provides the edit access to Akamai employees who have access to the account to which you're logged in.
    • Specific user.
  4. To accept or reject the edit access request, next to a user ID, click Accept or Reject. The user is automatically notified about your decision with an email.
  5. To grant the owner access to users with specific IDs, next to their ID, click Make owner.
    Users are notified with an email about changes in their edit access.

What to do next
You can always revoke the users' or groups' edit access by clicking Revoke access next to their names.