Run a test for test suites

If you want to test a set of test cases, you can run the test for a test suite.

Before you begin
You need to have at least one test suite with test cases created. To learn how, see Create a test suite.

To run a test for test suites:

  1. Go to > CDN > Test Center.
  2. In the left menu, click Functional testing and then go to Test suites.
  3. To run the test for a single test suite, select it from the main list and in its Details section, click Run test.
  4. To run the test for multiple test suites, select them from the main list and from the Actions menu, select Run test for selected test suites.
  5. In the Configure test run window, configure test run's settings.
    1. Hover over the hyperlink with the number of test suites you selected for the test to check their details. Test Center runs tests for all test cases included in the selected test suites. If you want to deselect some test cases from test suites, click the hyperlink, deselect them, and click Save.
    2. Select the environment on which you want to test the changes.
    3. Optional: Enter a note.
    4. Test Center sends emails to users who run the test when the test is complete. If you don't want to receive the email, deselect the Send me an email when the run is complete checkbox.
  6. Click Run.
    After the test run starts, the Runs and results page opens and displays the test run's status. The test run may take several minutes. You will receive an email when the results will be available, if you left the option selected.

What to do next
View test results