To reduce noise in test results, force disable Front End Optimization, Image Manager, or Resource Optimizer.

Front End Optimization (FEO), Image Manager (IM), and Resource Optimizer (RO) share a common characteristic, they all optimize content asynchronously. When these features are used, content is initially returned to requesting clients unoptimized for maximum responsiveness. At the same time the back end asynchronously prepares an optimized version of this content, and serves it to requesting clients as soon as it's ready.

When Test Center compares production and pre-production requests, it is possible that one will be optimized and the other one will not. That can result in diffs that are not indicative of any difference in configuration but are merely byproducts of design.

In order to avoid having such non-deterministic noise in your results, force these features off by updating your test requests:

  • For functional testing, the field you need to update is in Additional settings of the test request.
  • For comparative testing, it's in Additional settings of the test case window.

Force Front-End Optimization off in either way:

  • Append query string ?akamai-feo=off
  • Add Cookie: akamai-feo=off

Force Image Manager off in either way:

  • Append query string ?imbypass=true
  • Add Cookie: im-bypass=true

Force Resource Optimizer off in either way:

  • Add header X-Akamai-RO:offto the request.
  • Add Cookie: akamai-ro=offto the request.