Add a note to a diff

You can add a note to diffs for you or another user to see. This can help explain why you did or did not accept the diffs.

Before you begin
Open the results of your comparative testing and click View details next to a tested test definition.

To add a note to a diff:

  1. Expand test case results.
  2. To add a note to a single diff:
    1. Next to it, click the magnifying glass button.
      Add note to a diff
    2. Into the Add note field, enter a note.
    3. Click Add note.
    4. Click Save.
  3. To add a note to multiple diffs:
    1. Click the more options menu next to the item with diffs that you'd like to add a note to (a test case name or URL) and select Add note to all.
      Add note to multiple diffs
    2. Enter a note.
    3. Click Add note to all.