Sep 13, 2022 — Test Center API v3 Beta improvements

The latest update for Test Center API v3 (Beta) include:

  • Possibility to test webpages which require POST and HEAD HTTP method for assertion.
    • You can add pragma and request headers for POST and HEAD.
    • You can encode request body.


Currently, this operation is subjected to following limitations:
- POST request body doesn't support the binary data input.
- Test cases with request method are supported only by API. You can't access or work with these test cases via UI or CLI.
- Test suites with BROWSER client type based test cases disappear from UI and CLI once you add to it test cases with CURL client type. We recommend you create a new test suite for CURL client type test cases only.

  • Constants format is changed from lower case to upper case:
    • ipVersion values changed from ipv4 and ipv6 to IPV4 and IPV6, respectively.
    • headerAction values changed from add, modify, filter to ADD, MODIFY, and FILTER, respectively.
    • status values changed from in_progress, failed, and completed to IN_PROGRESS, FAILED, and COMPLETED, respectively.
  • stateful and locked boolean parameter names changed to isStateful and isLocked, respectively.
  • New response structure for GET requests. The response object contains a list of resources instead of direct list of resources.
  • Test cases support GET, POST, and HEAD request methods. This change is also the cause of new required fields for test cases.

These changes might impact your current settings, so make the necessary changes to your implementation.

To learn more about changes between v2 and v3 API, check Test Center migration.

For more details on the API v3, refer to the API documentation.