Oct 30, 2019 — Navigation and test run results improvements

We’re approaching the completion of Test Center 2.0 which will add the functional testing capabilities to the application.

You will hear more about the Test Center 2.0 beta release closer to the release date. This release introduces the new UI framework which will support the future features.

The latest update for Test Center includes:

  • Updated homepage navigation.

    • The Detect unexpected behavior menu is now called Comparative testing.
    • The Dashboard menu is now called Home.
    • Recent activity: 30 days is now called Last 30 days activity.
    • The Runs & results tab in the left menu is moved below Comparative testing.
  • Updated configuration of test runs. The new interactive window provides the following options:

    • Select objects to test.
    • Select environment.
    • Enter notes.
    • Choose if you want to have the results emailed.
  • Updated the results page layout:

    • The runs in the main list have a progress and status indicator.
    • Notes are displayed while the tests are running.
    • The readability of test run results is improved. The summary is hierarchical and there’s the new View details link that opens up a window with the results.
  • Updated notification email content. More in line with the UI results.

  • Improved application performance.

  • Implemented various stability improvements and fixed bugs.