May 4, 2023 — Test Center v3 Beta improvements

The latest update for the Test Center release includes:

  1. In the POST /test-management/v3/test-runs API, configVersionExecutions and requirementexecution are no longer supported. The API accepts a single property name or ID and a version and executes all the associated test suites. The same applies to testSuiteExecutions and testCaseExecution.

  2. In the GET test-management/v3/test-runs API:

    1. The API returns high-level information of a test run with functional object. For detailed information you need to GET /test-management/v3/test-runs/{testRunId}. This is to improve the performance of the API.
    2. To provide more accurate status on the test run, there's a new status of the test run:COMPLETED_WITH_UNEXPECTED_RESULTS. It indicates that some of the run test cases failed to execute or the condition evaluation for some of them is FAILED.
  3. In the clientProfile object, the clientType member is changed to client with values CHROME and CURL. Impacted APIs:

  4. In a test suite object, testCaseCount got renamed to executableTestCaseCount. This change is caused by the Variables group feature.

  5. In the GET /test-management/v3/test-runs/{testRunId} API, the order filed from thetestCaseExecution object is moved to the testCaseContext object.

  6. Support of variable groups.

  7. In the GET /test-management/v3/test-runs/{testRunId} API, you can modify the amount of data received in the response by using appropriate query parameters:

    1. includeContext returns details of a test suite and test cases.
    2. includeSkipped returns objects skipped at the time of the test run submission.
    3. includeAuditInfoInContext returns audit fields for all test objects.
  8. The new resolveVariables query parameter resolves statically assigned and group variables in test cases. You can use it to verify whether test cases are defined correctly before running a test.

  9. Removed the test case uniqueness check while creating test cases under stateful test suites.

  10. In the POST /test-management/v3/test-runs API, testSuiteExecutions under a property and testCaseExecutions under a test suite execution are now optional.