May 22, 2018 — Test Center launch

We are pleased to announce the first public release of Test Center - a first-of-its-kind testing tool that can help increase your confidence in the safety of configuration updates on your web properties.

Test Center uses a browser to make both production and pre-production requests for the same URL, and then compares the responses of the objects that are returned to the browser as a result (typically, a web page plus embedded objects). It highlights any differences in the results. You can review them and accept the ones which are expected, and investigate the ones which are not expected as they may be indicative of a problem that needs to be fixed before activating. As the number of outstanding diffs decreases, your confidence in the safety of the configuration update increases.

Test Management Features:

  • Create, edit, remove, view and clone test definitions and test cases.
  • Sort, filter and search within repository of test definitions.
  • Share test definitions via hyperlink.

Comparative Testing Features:

  • Initiate test runs from Akamai Test Center or Property Manager (beta).
  • Specify scope of a test run - which test definitions, test cases, IP versions to include in test run.
  • Specify what pre-production hostname + environment to compare against production.
  • Make production and pre-production test requests.
  • Customize the request headers used.
  • Compare production and pre-production responses - specify whether embedded object responses should be compared and customize what parts of responses are compared.
  • Email notification of test run completion.

Result Reviewing Features:

  • Sort, filter, and group result diffs.
  • Accept diffs that are expected.
  • Investigate unexpected diffs by looking at diff details, incl. full request/response headers.
  • Add notes to diffs.
  • Share results via hyperlink.
  • Gauge confidence level with a glance at the results summary section.

Recent Activity:

  • Review recent user activity on test definitions and results.