Apr 25, 2019 — Test Center redesign

We are excited to announce the launch of newly designed Test Center. Our goal was to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our customers and business partners. We hope you enjoy this easy-to-navigate and user-friendly design.

The latest update for Test Center includes:

  • Improved look and feel compatible with the new Control Center user interface.
  • Better navigation flows.
  • Modern design to support test drill downs and ensure that the context of the workflow is tracked.
  • Support for modal on modals to preserve the user’s previous context, allow deep linkable screens, and share results and other information more efficiently.
  • New section with a list of all test runs to make the UX more effective and relevant.
  • New dashboard on the landing page with educational content about Test Center.
  • Integrated feedback link to provide instant feedback to the product team.
  • Test Center activities are now integrated in the Your Activity section of the new home page.
  • Improved application performance.
  • Various stability improvements and bug fixes.