Jan 18, 2022 — New features

The latest release for Test Center includes:

  • Support of variables. Ability to define variables on a test suite level and refer to it while creating a test case in a URL, request headers, and condition values.
  • Simplified UX. Test case creation is simplified. Users can now directly create test cases with a test request, condition, and client profile in a single step under the Test suites tab. As part of this Test cases, Test requests, Conditions, and Client profiles tabs have been removed from UI.
  • Single test case run. Ability to run a test case directly without specifically creating it.
  • A new condition. We added a new condition support for security configuration testing to unit test alert rule
  • Changed limits. The maximum number of test cases per test suite or test run is changed from 6150 to 3000. Also, we added new validation on number of unique combinations of test request and client profile in a test suite to 1250.

As part of Test Center API v3 development, Test Center API v2 underwent behavior changes in the test case restrictions. Now, there can be many test cases with the same test request, condition, and client profile. They’ll have different IDs. Each test case can be included in only one test suite. To include a test case in more than one test suite, create the same test case for each test suite.