Aug 22, 2023 — Test Center API v3 GA

The latest update for Test Center includes:

  • Test Center v3 API GA launch.

  • The Test Center API v3 Postman collection (beta) is now available! Try the API, build workflows, and stay on top of development changes.

    You can find a Postman button for each operation in the Test Center API v3 section of TechDocs. Or access the full collection in Akamai's Postman Workspace.

    Not familiar with Postman? Learn how to use collections.

  • Added mapping between a property manager Site Shield behavior to Test Center condition.

  • If the required data for a condition evaluation is not available for test cases in a test run, Test Center reattempts multiple times and updates the results.

  • When creating a test suite with an associated property version, Test Center looks for up to five parent versions of the property and propagets their test cases to the new test suite.