Aug 1, 2023 — New UI launched and improved API (Beta) v3

The latest update for Test Center include the following:

  1. UI users:
  • New redesigned and built Test Center UI that uses latest Angular framework with significant performance and UX improvements.
  • UX redesigned for the new migrated app. Now test suites, test runs, and test definitions lists have new UX to check details of each list item and take actions on it.
  • New group by property and version view for test suites.
  • Test run comparative results view is changed. Now user can view the diffs on the results page and each diff instances can be viewed in diff details modal.
  • Significant performance improvement to improve the application load time by using lazy loading and ngRx patterns.
  • Revamped Recent activity on the home page which show paginated activities now that improves its performance.
  • POST and HEAD requests: the test requests of the chosen test cases could be heterogeneous. i.e, it could contain different request methods like GET, POST, and HEAD.
  • Dynamic variables: You can now assign value to a variable at test run time using response of test case execution and functions.
  • Removal of config tab and requirement objects. Now you can associate the property and version to a test suite while creating and editing it.
  • Introduced new INCONCLUSIVE status at test case execution to indicate the required data is not available for condition evaluation.
  1. API Users:
  • Introduced new INCONCLUSIVE at test case execution to indicate the required data is not available for condition evaluation.
  • Added new function support fn_getMetadatavariable("variableName", "regex") to assign value from metadata variable at run time.
  • Added new API POST /test-management/ v3/functional/functions/try-it to allow users to test the functions before using it in test cases.
  • Added new flag in get variables API to indicate whether the variable is used to assign value dynamically.
  • In API’s where Test Center accepts property name and version, you can now send either property name or property ID along with property version.