Include activation


Activate your include and make it available to a property.


A note change does not trigger a new property activation.

resource "akamai_property_include_activation" "my_example" {
  include_id    = "inc_X12345"
  contract_id   = "C-0N7RAC7"
  group_id      = "X112233"
  version       = 1
  network       = "STAGING"
  notify_emails = [
  timeouts {
    default = "1h"

Argument reference

This resource supports these arguments:

  • include_id - (Required) An include's unique ID with the optional inc_ prefix.

  • contract_id - (Required) A contract's unique ID, including the optional ctr_ prefix.

  • group_id - (Required) A group's unique ID, including the optional grp_ prefix.

  • version - (Required) The version of the include you want to activate.

  • network - (Required) The network for which the activation will be performed.

  • notify_emails - (Required) The list of email addresses to notify when the activation status changes.

  • note - (Optional) A log message assigned to the activation request.

  • auto_acknowledge_rule_warnings - (Optional) Automatically acknowledge all rule warnings for activation and continue.

  • timeouts - Uses a default argument to override the HashiCorp processing timeout of 20 minutes. Value is a string containing a number and its time reference, h, m, s. You can pass one, two, or all values. For example:

    • 1h3m5s
    • 2h5m
    • 3m

Attributes reference

This resource returns this attribute:

  • validations - The validation information in JSON format.